Sunday, August 15, 2010

A great week with a Dear Friend :D

My Dear sweet Whitney came for a visit and I must say, we had a BLAST! Among the great pictures we got, we shared really late night talks, awesome times with friends, great memories made in the mountains, quick shopping adventures, yummy smoothies in the morning (made by our fabulous Vita-Mix), great ice cream splurges, Bunko and Card games with sweet family and friends, and much much more!

 A ways into Whitney's visit, we decided to take some time and head to the mountains. We opted for simple since my ankle is still on the mend and other things that kept us from doing all the great we opted out of rock climbing, bungee jumping, paragliding, know all the great things. We had a lovely picnic in Evergreen and the lake was gorgeous! If we had time I would have rented a boat and hung out there all day. :D
 Though Whitney had been here 6 days by this point, we finally decided to finally get some we started by taking some self portraits of us. :D We didn't have the famous photographer friends with us so we got creative and took our own pictures.
 Couldn't resist the mountain view! Just a piece of God's creation.

 To top it off....we enjoyed some yummy icecream at Basin Robins just down the road from the Lake.
 A glimpse of the splurge :D
 Later on that night we went to Casa Bonita with my family...not for the food but only for the entertainment! I had to let Whitney experience Black Bart's Cave which freaked me out to tears when I was a little girl. Now we just laugh at it....and the Monkey!!! My oh my are their memories of that monkey!....he was scary too!! I just loved the divers...they always have been the cherry on top of the experience.

 Cheering ourselves up before braving the food.
 Ok....I guess we can be somewhat least for the moment :D
 Life just can't be life without having fun! :D:D

If you didn't know where this'd think we were in some other country....well that's a romantic thought indeed!

What a blessing it was to have you here Whitney! Your friendship means a great deal to me! I love you and will always love you as though you were a fact in my heart you are one! Many blessings to you sweet friend! I love you!


Sarah said...

This post is so fun! I love it! :) It was great meeting Whitney and getting to hang out a little bit. :)

Whitney Hall said...

I love this blog post. It makes my heart smile! :)

I'm soooo very grateful for the week spent with you. Memories were made that I will never forget.

You bless me so much, my sweet "big sister".

Elisabeth K. said...

Thank you Sarah! :D I am glad that we planned the Bunko was a blast to have you all here!

Dear Whitney....I too will never forget the memories and am sooooo grateful for a week of "bliss"! It definitely was what I needed and God knew that. I look forward to our next time in the near future. (I've started a "let's go see Whitney" fund)

I love you so much more sweet "little sister" :D Sending you greats amounts of squeezes!

Elisabeth <3<3<3

Katie said...

Ahhhh, that looks like ya'll had SO much fun! Love you both dearly!

Elisabeth K. said...

Thanks Katie! You are loved dearly too! I hope that your trip to Africa went well! :D