Sunday, October 25, 2009

Andrew's Perspective on the Surprise

My parents and I received multiple letters from Andrew, Nate, and Josh this week and amongst them was Andrew's perspective on my surprise visit to TX. I thought that it gave great insight on the whole thing, especially since it was from his point of view. Almost takes place of a picture since a camera was unavailable at the time of arrival. Enjoy!

"So here's my side of the surprise. I was at the sink scrubbing away while talking to Evan [a fellow paramedic] when Nate came up to me. He told me that cadre pushed him out the door saying that I really needed his help. I can't imagine the puzzled face I must have given him. But I started thinking and I remembered that some guys were going to be playing football that evening. So I told him that of course I needed his help because I needed him on my team. "That's it?" He asked with a puzzled look. (Because it was his turn to have a puzzled expression.) "Uh...Yeah. That's it," I replied just as Josh came rushing in asking what's going on and why did I need his help. He brought the other EMT's along to help. Okay, so it was obviously my turn to have a puzzled face again. I didn't ask for help. I thought us paramedics had the kitchen well under control. But a few extra hands won't hurt so I told them to get to work as I took some dishes to the dish pit. As I was going, I heard some commotion and I turned around to see one of my fellow paramedics smiling. I thought that he must have pulled some crazy prank to get both of my brothers here at that same time. So as I was returning from the dish pit, Matthew Zupke [another paramedic buddy] said I really needed to get on the other side of the wall. "No way!" I thought, "My brothers are beating people up and I had nothing to do with this prank." But I walked over there anyways to see if my fellow paramedics truly did pull a prank on my brothers. And I rounded the corner, I saw the sweet face of the sister that I know so well. I pretty much screamed. I can't remember but I'm sure I squeezed Elisabeth's lungs out. That was the best surprise that happened to me and everybody pulled it off beautifully. I won't be forgetting that anytime soon..."