Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Pictures!!!


Ah yes, the family picture!! Now mind you, this is the first one taken since being apart for so long! :) Happiness! I can't tell you how good it feels to feel "complete" again! I shall enjoy it while it lasts!

Our dear Mrs. Coffey who the Lord has used in so many areas of our lives! I would have to say that she is one that I sincerely look up to as a mentor and influencer in my life! :) She is such a blessing to all those who she comes in contact with and my prayer is that when I grow up, I will be just like her! :)

Sorry for the unorderly photos here...Picasa is great but I think that I am still learning how to "blog" with it! :) Anyways, the curtain opened to....tadah!...the guys standing at attention just like they are on stage! It was the coolest sight to behold! :) The men stand behind their squad leaders who, aside from the "guidon bearer" stand in front

Mrs. Coffey, my mom, and I all sit and wait in eager anticipation to squeeze the guys! :) Oh boy, time couldn't have passed fast enough! :) It all seems like a breeze now....but let me tell ya, it was horrible then! :) And yes, for those that desire to know, tears freely flowed upon reuniting! Words can hardly express the moment! :)

Stay tuned for more! :)
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Even More! :)

Here are some pictures of the guys after the ceremony and reuniting as a family with some of their buddies as well as pictures with Col. Tanner

Nate, Josh and Andrew pose with Samuel Ahn who came all the way from South Korea to go through Basic. From the stories I have heard, he seems like a really funny guy!

Josh stands with James Enquist, a squad mate...I know from what the guys have said that he was the fastest runner in the Unit!

Josh, Andrew, and Nate all pose with Col. Tanner who is amazing gentleman carrying such incredible honors!

Alex Nutter, whom the guys stand with, is the tallest guy, was on Josh's squad, and gave the Unit's testimony during the Promotion Ceremony. I have heard lots of great stories about him and how much of a leader he was for the Unit among many other guys as well. :)
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More Pictures!

Here are some more pictures of the guys! Unfortunately they seem to be flowing out of order however, I am sure that they will be enjoyed none the less!

Here the guys stand again in "parade rest." This is the Unit as a whole including the drill sergeants in the front right hand side. This picture is one of my favorites!

They Unit is headed out after their demonstration for the rest of the ceremony inside. As they left, they sang the main "jodie" which is well known through ALERT and on the ALERT CD

Nate and one of his squad a buddy...Responder Moody

Andrew stands with his buddy Responder Wenger, also a squad mate
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Some Pictures!

I wanted to post some pictures for you all to see! Again, my computer will only allow me to post 4 at a time so I am sure that you will enjoy every posting! :)

Here you find Andrew and the rest of Echo squad standing in "parade rest" awaiting the moment to perform their drills sequence.

Josh standing in "parade rest" at the beginning of the drills sequence.

Here's Andrew :)

Here's Nate... we actually didn't recognize him with his hat on but then again, we were looking for him to be standing along with the rest of his squad much like Josh and Andrew however, as they demonstrated repelling, it would have been difficult
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Friday, May 16, 2008

One of my favorite pictures

This is one of my favorite pictures of my best friend and I. :) Thought that I would post it as something fun! :)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And finally...more pictures! :) I have to admit...I am a proud sister!
Yippee! Horrah!

They seem to be doing well! :) Please keep up your praying! :) I know that they greatly appreciate it!

By the having difficulties with the other blog...can't remember the password! :)

Wow!!! Nate is in the middle being checked out by the drill instructor during inspections...I have to admit, I didn't recognize him right away :)

Morning watch with squad mates

Josh is behind his squad leader...the colors are so incredible!

Morning PT (physical training) Andrew is on the far side of the's a clear shot of him! :)
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And more pictures! :)

Josh is to the left...can you find him?

Hmm...let's see...where exactly are we?

Hey buddy....let's be careful! :) It's really not broken if you were's all drill

A chat with Cpt. Pendergast
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More Pictures! :)

Here's some more pictures! :) More on their way! My computer is being stubborn and will only let me post 4 at a time! :) Enjoy!

Nate chatting with squad mate Reqruit Moody

Taking a break :)

Andrew again with the Unit's of my favorite pictures!

Dodging the leak :)
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PIctures of the guys! :)

Hey all! Here are some pictures of the guys if you haven't seen them yet! Nine Days and counting down until the Big day! :) Can't wait!
Lord's blessings and thank you so much for praying! :) Please keep it up!


Andrew carrying the Unit's flag

Charging message the first day

Josh reading his book

Andrew getting checked out by the medic
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