Monday, November 24, 2008

Howdy! :D

It's been awhile since I have posted, which consequently I have ton's to post and have not a clue where to start. :D Well, I did say that I would post regarding adventures, so this shall be the other post to it....what shall I call it...hmmm....The Four Gangsters and TPing raid...yes yes, I like it...especially since my mind can't think of anything more witty. :D

One night, a long while ago, a beautiful and very tired girl was awoken in the middle of the night by what she thought was laughter or the howling of coyotes. Half awake, she couldn't decide for sure, so she chose to blame it on the coyotes and fall back asleep, for after all, she needed her beauty rest. The next morning, she awoke before any one else in her castle and chose, very quietly and sweetly to walk down the hall and do as maids would do, let her dog out. Once this task was accomplished, she walked back in the direction of her bedroom, but shimmering of what seemed to be white rays of sunlight caught the corner of her eye. Taking a better look, her curiosity was up and after investigation, it appeared that someone had TP'd the castle, (a very small one that is :D). Now for those that are not sure of what TPing may be, let me enlighten you before I continue. TPing is a short way of saying Toilet Papering. It is accomplished when hoodlums, or people that have nothing else better to do perform this duty by throwing each roll throughout one's property achieving their desire to decorate it in a very interesting fashion. To some, it may be called a love gift and to others (namely those that clean it up :D), it may be called frustrating...and then there are those that are amused by it and think it quite funny :D

Ok back to the story now that is settled. This sweet gal's investigation was right and whoohooo, the game was on! She tossed aside her sweetness and gentleness she portrayed that morning and placed upon her face the biggest smile ever made and along with it laughter. She ran upstairs, and to my memory, I think she yelled non formally, "Someone has TP'd our house!" This arouse everyone else living within these confines and all were outside in a jiffy through the side door of course for fear of messing up the beautiful job :D They did however open the front door seeing then a little tiny brown bag with a yellow piece of paper as the note. "Careful" was the word coming from the father of the home, once this mysterious package was touched. The note read:

And chocolate was nestled in the middle of the bad. So their minds were spinning, but not for long, for the handwriting was recognized and the puzzle solved, the TPing Gangsters were found out, it was their good friends and another who traveled from far to TP their house :D For they did have a "Storrie" to tell and one that will be remembered but before I finish, I must say, that the TP was not TP at all, for these Gangsters are sophisticated, for they used Crape Paper to do their trick which created the effect only messy it was not.

Now fear as they, the Gangsters should, for the game is not done, these recipients are wise and think very long. They have lots of knowledge in this particular game having learned much through years passed. They may take this as a warning but they shouldn't fear for nothing shall happen too very dear. For kindness and graciousness is between them, this they should know and nothing will be done to harm this or them.

Now you all know the story, I hope it was told well. If I forgot anything, the pictures shall tell :D

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello All! :D

Hey, I don't have time to post a long post or even post what I want to post at the moment but just wanted you all to know that I am still alive and well! For a while there, my computer would not at all let me post or even access my blog! Twas very frusterating as I had and have tons to post on! Praise God, I think and hope that the problem is fixed! :D I shall try to post more later on this week and if not this week, know that somethings coming!

May Blessings abound for you all!
Elisabeth :D:D