Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm Back :)

It appears to me that I have been away from posting here on this blog for a long time. :) Well, this is true. I look at the date of my last posting and am amazed that I haven't posted since then. However, it just goes to tell you that life carries on and lots has happened in the life of Elisabeth over the past couple of months! :)

I have so much that I would love to post however, it may take me a couple of postings to get all that I have to say and show you out of my heart and on to paper. For now though, I would like to post something that has been deep on my heart lately and was summed up in the book that I am going through as part of my daily Bible reading. The books title is "Come Away My Beloved" and the author is Frances J. Roberts. It is written as from the perspective of letters from the Lord regarding different aspects of life. Throughout the book, there are many sections that are challenging and therefore causes your mind to ponder on least such is my case. This section in particular struck me and continues to challenge me as I re-read what is says.

Your Body, a Living Sacrifice
"Yield Me, your body as a living sacrifice, and do not be conformed to the things
of the world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind
(See Romans 12:1-2)
Set your affections on things of the Spirit, and do not
be in bondage to the desires of the flesh.
For I have purchased you at great price.
Yes, you are My special possession and My treasure.
I would have you set your affections and desires upon Me
even as I have set My heart upon you.
It is written that the wife has no power over her own body
except for the husband, nor the husband but for the wife
(see 1 Corinthians 7:4)
So I would that you should yield your body to Me,
otherwise I am limited in My power to work.
For I must have a vessel through which to operate.
dedicated, sanctified for My use; available to Me at all times, and ready
to be used at whatever time I have need of you.
You will not have time to make yourself ready when I need you.
You must be prepared.
You must keep yourself in a state of readiness.
You cannot live to the flesh and at the same time be available
to the Spirit.
You must walk in the Spirit, and in so doing
keep yourself from becoming entangled in worldly things.
You must live in obedience to the Spirit,
and thus be kept from being in bondage to your carnal nature.
I Myself cannot keep you except you first make this choice.
It was concerning this matter that Jude wrote his word of
admonition:"But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your
most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in
the love of God" (Jude 20-21)
As you set your soul through deliberate choice of your will
to pursue the worship of God by praying in the Spirit,
you will find your faith strengthened
and your life bathed in the love of God,
With you faith laying hold on God's promises and power,
and your action motivated by the love of God,
you will find yourself in the path of the activity of God;
His blessing shall be upon you,
and He will accomplish His works through you.
You do not need to make plans nor resort to and clever strategy.
Keep yourself in the love of God.
Pray in the Spirit. Rejoice evermore. Set your affections upon Christ.
God will do through you and for His glory such things
as it pleases Him to do, and you will rejoice with Him.
For as your own spirit is aware when His Spirit is grieved within you,
so will you also be aware when His Spirit
rejoices within you. This is His joy.
This is the joy He promised.
This the the greatest joy that can come to the human heart,
for it is joy of God, and the joy of God transcends all human joy.
Surely you will not only rejoice but be exceeding glad,
with a gladness surpassing your power to tell.
In this way you will give this back to Him,
since no other can fully receive it,
even as David poured out to Him
the precious water form the well of Bethlehem
(see 2 Samuel 23:15-16)
Praise His wonderful Name!"
This is something to ponder and I pray that it will be a blessing you all who reads this! :) As I have said before, this book from which I just quoted, is one that has really challenged me to see beyond the end of my nose and think beyond my comprehension. In times ahead, I may post again using sections of this book hoping that they will be as much of a blessing to others as they have been to me! :)
I pray that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :) We have so much to be grateful for! I sure am counting my blessings!
May the Lord bless you all! I hope to write more soon. :) Love to you!