Monday, September 28, 2009

Surprise Visit to Texas :D

The Lord blessed me with the opportunity of surprising my brothers who are all in Texas at the ALERT Academy for a week. They all had NO idea. :D So it pulled off quite nicely. A friend of mine, Betsy Marr, picked me up at the airport and as we were headed back to the campus, she was able to contact a few fellas that were able to get all the guys in the kitchen...the ultimate surprise spot. Upon arrival, I hid to the best of my ability in the back of the van until Betsy gave me the cue. I waited in the van for a while which was a good thing because Nate pulled up minutes after we parked and parked right next to us. A short while after that Josh walked up. Once they all were in the kitchen, I headed for the kitchen. When I walked in, I heard Josh say something to the effect of, "So why did you all call us to the kitchen?" And there I stood. Nate saw me first and Josh soon to follow. Andrew was on the opposite end so it took him a little longer. That moment with all of them was a little piece of Heaven on earth. It was truly amazing. :D I wasn't able to actually get a picture of their reaction but I did get lots of other pictures!
Together at last! :D

That's my baby brother! :D

A beautiful sunset one evening
Watching the guys play football was a hoot :D
My little buddy...I called him pumpkin even though his name was quite different

Practice makes perfect! Josh is taking my vitals and is doing a fine job too!

I made posters for my brothers before I flew out. Something for them to hang on their walls so that whenever they saw it, they'd not forget how much they are loved. They were so much fun to make! :D

Our last day together

My handsome men. My buddies forever. My favorite brothers. The three joys of my life. My best friends... Oh how I can hardly wait for you all to come home!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Howdy all! :D

Wow it's been a REALLY long time since I have seen a posting template on Blogger!! Way too long to be exact! Many moons have past, much has occured and life has gone on but nothing reported! So sorry!!

For those of you wondering if I am still alive, I truly am. :D My hope is to bring my blog back to life as much as possible and often as possible to inform those, whom I guess check it and have read the same sad story for forever, of life in Elisabeth's world, thoughts, ponderings, and best of! :D

Keep an eye out! =)