Friday, June 27, 2008

Challenging thoughts from William Wilberforce

As I was reading my book about William Wilberforce's life last night, I came across a couple of things that I thought would be good for you all to read to give you a challenge and something to ponder.

To set the stage for the first quote, William is talking with Hannah More, one of the few that came along side of William in his pursuit to abolish slave trade and other things as well. At this point in time, he is seeking advice regarding his book, "A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christian's in the Higher and Middle Class in this Country Contrasted with Real Christianity"

He says,
"My main message would be that many of those who call themselves Christians fall short of living out the essence of real Christianity. As long as we allow this inadequate form of Christianity to go unchallenged, those who are spiritually needy will never come to faith in Jesus Christ. Our nation faces many challenges at home and abroad, and now is the time for us to return to a radical faith in Jesus Christ."

The second quote comes from his book discussed above

"The very tendency that we feel to hide our faith from the world's view confirms that we are more influenced by the world's opinions that we are by God's. I would hope that simply because our faith is secret, having vanished from our conversations, replaced by a pretended freedom of feeling and conduct, that it still does exist in our private hearts. I fear, though, that we are not merely paying attention, our faith may have quietly smothered. By complying with the world's habits, participating in the manners of this dissipated age, we have removed every external distinction between the Christian and the nonbeliever. We seldom find anyone who is brave enough to be different for Christ, someone who "is not ashamed of Christ."

I would be interested in what you all think, especially as I feel that though this was written so many years ago it reflects Christianity today in most cases if not all especially as we face so many uncertainties regarding our future as a Nation and beyond. :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day To All our Father's! :)

Today is the day that our Father's are recognized as being Fathers. But more then that, they are being celebrated for all that they have accomplished, all that they have done on our behalf, and much much more! :)

Have you taken the time to wish your dad a Happy Father's Day? Have you thanked him for all that he has stood for, both seen and unseen, on your behalf as well as the rest of your family's? Is there anything that you can do for him that would make him feel special and loved? Today is a good day to not focus on ourselves and what we can get out of it, after all, it's not our's our father's.

Let's celebrate the father that the Lord has given us and make him feel special all throughout the day! :) Happy Father's Day to all our Father's!

Monday, June 9, 2008

You must be a recruits sister if...

...The only thing that you find yourself eating throughout the trip home and then some is the left over "P.O.G.G.I.E." that wasn't eaten while your brother(s) were at ALERT.

...Upon arriving, you find yourself doing many loads of laundry trying to get the infamous sand, grime, sweat, and all else out of the clothes even if it takes you a couple of times doing it.

...You find yourself striving to get a least one email or snail-mail letter out to the guys with words of encouragement and cheers to aid their aches and pains all throughout Basic. :)

...After graduation you are handed 1 Dress-white and 4 Chambray's per brother with patches, both the Logo and the bar signifying the promotion, to be perfectly measured at 2 inches for one and 3/4 inch for the other and find yourself sewing each perfectly in place

...As part of the care packages, you have made countless numbers of cookies, i.e. altogether about 580 No-Bake cookies, to be thoroughly enjoyed by your dear brothers and the rest of the Unit hoping that it puts smiles on their faces and makes their tummies happy. :)

...Countless amounts of prayer was prayed by you, your family, and many others on your brother's behalf all thorough Basic even if it's more then once a day :)

...If it seems that the only "song" going through your head are the "JODIES" that your brothers taught you since the day they came home with you: for example the Coke Cadence (which happens to be my favorite and is easily stuck in your head the first time you hear it)

...If your laundry folding is revolutionised by the "new" and "more efficient way" of folding things taught down at ALERT

...If your heart is filled with pride and adoration for the men that now have accomplished something so great through the Lord that nothing can take it from them knowing that though they went through such pain and turmoil to accomplish it, they now have something to share with generations to come as an encouragement to never give up, never retreat, to continue facing struggles in your path because eventually you will find yourself on the other side looking back down the road with a smile on your face seeing the one set of Footprints knowing that it was not you that walked the road alone but that of the Lord as He carried you all the way!

I know that there is so much more that I could say about being a recruits sister but I must say that being a Responders sister so wonderful as well! :) I cannot be more proud of what the Lord accomplished through my brothers and the wonderful men that they have become through this whole experience! :) I will never forget the letters sent home with lists of prayer requests regarding their struggles spiritually, physically, and mentally, but hearing what the Lord did to strengthen, uphold, embrace, encourage, (and the list could continue) my brothers has personally been a testimony in my life as I face trials, tribulations, refining fires, and hardships.

You know, we all one way or another will go through pain as we run our individual "races." One thing is for sure, God's grace is right there for us to take hold of and never let go but this is a choice that we have to make. Out of all the stories that my brothers continually tell, one thing seems to be the common denominator, "choices; rejoicing or grumbling, pressing on or giving up, grabbing hold of God's grace or walking the other way..." We are given a choice that we have to make every single day and that is whether or not we will "take up our crosses and follow Him" even if the "splinters" or "uneven surfaces" cut you. Yes this may sound rough but I know from experience, it is far better to be refined for God's glory keeping my focus on Him and His purposes rather than to turn and flee fearing the "pain and sorrow." :)

You and I have a choice to make, what will you choose?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Drills Performance of Unit 39

As another addition to the pictures of Unit 39 taken the 23rd of May, I thought that you all would enjoy watching the drills ceremony which took place out on the soccer field next to the Field House. :) As time has passed, having my brothers back home has been such an amazing blessing! It has been so much fun to hear and laugh about the stories told regarding Basic! (those stories never seem to end which makes it all the better!)

As you watch this, I hope that you will enjoy what you see. Know that the guys practiced diligently on a daily basis in order to have each step, solute, head turn, etc. in the right place and done at the right time. :)

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