Friday, September 19, 2008

Adventures in the Tijerina House!

OH Boy! Where do I begin? Adventures seem to have attacked the Tijerina's home lately...and for those that know specific details, pun intended. ;) But all the details must wait...I don't have lots of time at the moment...but wanted to post what happened yesterday. :) Here she is! :)

Yup a kitten, or rather, Lil' Miss Priss, has decided to take residence in the Tijerina home till 1) She either weasels her way into the family (which is my prayer) or 2) We find her original owners. :)
She is about 5 month old and loves to be loved. It's quite hilarious actually. She has to be on the same floor of our house that another person is on and if not, she tells how awful it is. She is probably the most vocal of the cats I have met! :) You could truly have a conversation with her!

Alright for the details:

My mom, brother and I were headed to take pictures of the Roy children yesterday at Hariman Lake yesterday and while we were walking there, I heard a panicky that you only hear when something is seriously wrong. ;) I walked up to the fence which guards the Fire Station and look frantically to see where it was coming from. Then I saw this little cutey stand up by the firetruck and bounce, literally bounce, to where we were standing. My first thought was,"How fun, it's the residence kitten at the firehouse." But I wanted to check to make sure this was true and that she wasn't a stray. So my mom and I headed to the front of the Fire Station, with kitten following. We asked a very sweet gal if she belonged to anyone there at the station and the answer was no.
So, my mom and I discussed it and thought that it would be wise, with the fire gal's thoughts too, to take her home by way of the vet, and see if we could find her family since she didn't have any tags, only a flee collar. After seeing the vet, she's alright, and has no chip so we really have no way of letting her family know where she is other than leaving our information at the Fire station, Vet, and other Animal places. She's here, safe and sound. Sunny absolutely loves her! She's not so sure of him but he absolutely loves her! :) It's hilarious to watch him!
We are on the second day and all seems to be going well! :)

Anyways, we are praying that sweet little Priss either finds her home or (I am praying, and I encourage you too) that she finds her home in our hearts. ;) :) :D

More to come about tune!