Friday, August 22, 2008

Even More! :)

Oh man was the food good but we sure were filled to the brim!


Three siblings trying to share out of one cup...I must say it's pretty talented and squished!
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More great Pictures of Andrew's Special Evening!

This is us before we were filled up on yumminess!

And this was our desert for 6 people! And we still could hardly eat it!

Andrew displaying his cake

And we triumphed!
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Andrew's very very late Graduation Dinner Celebration!

Poor Andrew. Almost 1 1/2 has gone by and no Graduation dinner....until now! Another grand tradition in our family is to take the Graduate out for a celebration dinner at Claim Jumper. For those that have never been, it is a place to go to! (Just to warn you though, it's on the expensive side.) But not to worry, it's all worth it for the celebration and memories!

This is a picture of the very famous Motherload Cake! :) Doesn't it look yummy! There are 6 layers of cake with 7 layers of frosting and not to mention the nuts! You can kind of see it in the piece on the left side of the picture! Mmmmm mmmm good!

Life would be boring without fun pictures! :)

And more fun pictures! :)
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More Demo!

Here are some more!

The action!

The pain!

And the actual clearing away!

You know, the guys and I were wondering what it would be like if they decided to do a "Tractor Derby." Now that would be interesting. In Michigan, they have done a few Combine Derbies. None of which I have gone to but my Grandpa Cole says that they're Great!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fool's Gold

Andrew and I came across this yesterday and I thought that it would be fun to post! If you have heard all the "added" or "false" things that China has been doing, you'll really understand the humor. :) Let me know what you think!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pajama Party! :)

Pajama party with my girls! Last Bible Study we all showed up in our pajamas and enjoyed a time of fun and fellowship. Our time together can't be too's good to have a reason for memory making and that we did!

From Left to Right: Myself, Adele, Cherise, Alyssa, and Dawn (in the front)

And our lovely faces!

Those are my girlies!

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More food for thought: How to Prepare for Tomorrow

Here is another quote taken from Elisabeth Elliot's book, Secure in the Everlasting Arms that I wanted to share with you. Reading these words brought such encouragement and challenge to me spiritually which was desperately needed!

As we encounter the world in a mission to reflect Christ, discouragement, doubt, fear, and sometimes confusion tend to find it's way somehow into our lives and therefore gives us the distraction in which the world brings that ultimately takes away from the bull's eye of where our eyes needed to be focused, Christ Himself. Elisabeth's Elliot's words caught me in a time of major distraction; focusing on self, other "problems" in life, enticements, frustrations, wants, etc. Her depiction of Christ and His ministry gave aid to my re-focus of my walk with the Lord and its purpose. It's good to be reminded that you can trust a trustworthy God! I'd be interested in what you all have to think.

How to Prepare for Tomorrow
"Jesus, knowing exactly what awaited Him when He went up to Jerusalem, went. He had set His face to go there, and He moved steadily through the days, doing His Father's work of healing and peace with the same serenity that had always characterized His ministry. He told His disciples exactly what would happen and they understood none of it. On the way there, near Jericho, Jesus healed a blind man. Then He brought salvation to the house of Zaccheus. He wept over the city of Jerusalem, entered it, threw out the merchants from the temple, and carried on His daily teaching in the temple, until the Zero Hour arrived. Nothing dismayed or depressed Him enough to cause Him to quit. The prospects of torture and death in no way hindered His day-to-day work that, as always, pleased the Father. This was His preparation: that faithful doing of the Will, one day at a time. Shall we, His children, not trust Him for our future?"
Give me, O Lord,
A steadfast heart,
Which no unworthy affection
May drag downwards;
Give me
An unconquered heart,
Which no tribulation
can wear out;
Give me
An upright heart,
Which no unworthy purpose
May tempt aside.
Bestow on me also, O Lord my God,
Understanding to know You,
Diligence to seek You,
Wisdom to find You,
And a faithfulness
That may finally embrace You,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.
(Thomas Aquinas)