Friday, April 6, 2012


The end of February to the beginning of March, I had the great opportunity of meeting some dear sweet friends in Wisconsin for the Holiness Conference hosted by Menominee Falls Baptist Church. This was a four day conference and the emphasis was The Glorious Gospel. To sum it was more than amazing!!! Yet, what's a great conference without making awesome memories to go with it? 
     Leigha, Bethany, Hannah and I are gearing up for another session. So much teaching and so little time!
The music was the cherry on top of the conference!

Basketball was a highlight!

Spending time with Bethany was more than a blessing!

Caleb and his amazing cookie!..... :D

My Hannah girl!

Staying on a farm was full of lots of sweet surprises! For a city girl, I must say, a chick falling sound asleep in my scarf was more than memorable!

Sweet Reagan!

My last day there, I got to spend the day with Leigha as her "shadow" while she, Zach, and Caleb attended classes after the conference.

Man I can't help but LOVE this little boy!!!


Emily said...
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Emily said...

Looks Like Fun!!!!

Abigail Sikma said...

Yay for a Wisconsin post! It was great getting to meet you and talk to you for some time, Elisabeth! Come visit us again sometime. :)